2021 - The Poem - Sushlit

2021 – The Poem

2021 – The Poem
2021 - The Poem

2021 – The Poem


Parted ways with one,
Got with everyone.

Learnt many workout routines and boxing,
Weirdly still had some mental deconditioning.

Broke rules a few,
Followed COVID rules numerous and simply withdrew.

Met influencers some,
Influenced myself some.

Published my first novella,
Didn’t go down as I was told by my fella,

Partied and drank like a fish
And yet still had a mad flourish.

Scooched along on the political spectrum,
Witnessed socialism at its extremes and yet had to keep schtum.

Invested in shares and cryptos,
Really felt like I lost some of my ethos.

Got an amazing flat
Yet felt like proletariat.

Met scores of amazing beauties,
Had to let go of some incredible cuties.

Grew a mo,
Definitely saved a bro.

Won some,
Lost some,
My 2021 was fulsome.

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