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Depression – The Poem

Depression – The Poem Depression – The Poem

Synopsis: I won’t deny: I suffer from depression from time to time. I know how it feels, and feel I can articulate the experience better than those who don’t go through it. This is a small part of the reason for me writing this poem. There is another important reason that compelled me to write it.

A couple of months back, I ended up starting a philosophical discussion with my one of my close friends after some frivolous chats. Now, my friend is a very jolly and cheerful woman who is full of life. Also, unlike my moody self, she always has a smile on her face and a hint of excitement constantly emanating from her. In fact, she is literally a ray of sunshine and her mere presence brightens everyone’s day. So, when she told me that there are days when she cries in her room by herself with her pillow over her face, it deeply saddened me. I empathised with her. It also made me realise that not even the happiest of people in the world are immune to depression. And many a time, these people are crying their heart out inside while they simultaneously smile at you. Additionally, with crying in public widely frowned upon in society, people prefer dying inside than letting someone see them in dire straits and ultimately help them.


Depression might be alive and kicking,
But so are you,
So beat it.

Depression might be difficult to control,
But it’s still in your hands,
So release it.

Depression might come over to you at any time,
But you can still resolve it,
So mediate it.

Depression might happen to some of the most beautiful souls,
But the world needs its beautiful souls,
So confide in someone.

Depression is all kinds of messy,
But society is not all rosy,
So reveal it.

Depression might make your life lonely,
Then hang out with your friends and family
And populate it.

Depression might make you feel you’re in this by yourself,
But everyone’s in it together,
So hug it.

Depression might make you morose and sad,
Then do things that you love
And uplift yourself.

Depression might make you feel dreary,
Then do something fun
And enliven yourself.

Depression might make you constantly think thoughts,
But these thoughts are your own creation,
So nip them in the bud.

Depression might make you paranoid,
But it’s just your mind thinking irrationally on its own,
So sidetrack it.

Depression might keep you awake at night,
Then take a chill pill
And sleep it off.

Depression might make you anxious and give you panic attacks,
Then practice mindfulness
And make yourself at one with yourself.

Depression might kindle hate and negativity in your life,
But nothing ever comes out of negativity,
So surround yourself with love and positivity.

Depression might make you want to die,
But your friends and family need you
And so do you,
So quash the idea.

Depression might not have any tangible cure,
But there are thousands of intangible treatments for it,
So remedy it.

Depression might seem like a bottomless black hole,
But you can always get rid of it
Regardless of how knee-deep in it you are,
So escape it.

Depression might be difficult to conquer
But it can still be won over,
So negotiate it out of existence.

Depression might be considered a private matter,
But people care for you,
So say it.

Depression is mostly kept a secret
And looked unfavourably upon if exhibited in public,
But we ought to change the status quo
And begin the healing of this universal ailment,
So together, let’s fight it!



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