Depression – The Poem

Depression – The Poem Depression – The Poem



Depression is alive and kicking,
But so are you,
So kick it.

Depression can’t be controlled,
But it’s still in your hands,
So release it.

Depression comes over you at any time,
But you can still regulate it,
So meditate it.

Depression makes your life lonely,
Then hang out with your friends and family
And populate it.

Depression makes your life dreary,
Then do something fun
And uplift it.

Depression makes you morose and sad,
Then do things that you love
And enliven it.

Depression makes me anxious and gives me panic attacks,
Then try mindfulness
And make yourself at one with yourself.

Depression keeps you awake at night
Then take a chill sleeping pill
And sleep it off.

Depression has no tangible cure
But there are thousands of intangible remedies,
So remedy it.

Depression is like a black hole —
It’s neverending,
So move away from it.

Depression can’t be conquered
But it can still be won over,
So negotiate it out of existence.

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