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Disengage – The Poem

Disengage – The Poem
When people try to intentionally disturb you,
Nothing undermines the attention-seeking personalities of dolts more than not being paid attention to;
When people pass remarks about you,
It has a curious effect of making them look like a big fool;
When people criticize you for no reason,
Nothing frustrates them more than not getting responded to;
When people pile on you,
Nothing annoys them more than knowing that their words didn’t affect you one bit;
When people make things difficult for you,
Disengage and get on with your life,
Nothing will make them think more about you than your non-reaction;
When people put you down,
Nothing offends them more than knowing that their actions didn’t upset you;
When people treat you like a pushover,
But prove them wrong royally;
When things reach a tipping point,
Never disengage,
And call the people out for the scums they are.
Disengagement during critical times only keeps your sanity,
And increases your antagonists’ susceptibility.

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