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Emotions – The Poem

Emotions – The Poem Emotions – The Poem


Emotions are funny;
If you are emotional,
You are either termed crazy
Or are deemed too weak,
But never complimented for being honest and expressive.

Emotions are incredulous:
If you aren’t emotional,
You lose that fleeting chance at love,
But if you are emotional,
You can either put people off or offend them,
Or worse: break up a relationship.

Emotions are innately human:
You can put up an objective, cold-hearted facade,
But you can’t rid your heart of its inherent warmth.

Emotions are necessary:
Because more than anything else
All of us are spiritual beings
With a sense of touch and feel
Ruled by the all-powerful emotions.

Emotions are fascinating:
You can literally rule the world
By tactfully expressing your emotions,
As can you win someone over
Through your loyal devotions.

Emotions are tricky:
You have to use the right emotion at the right time in the right proportion,
Or things can go from awesome to awful very fast.

Emotions are curious:
You like to have bits of it every now and then,
But anything more than that,
And you are overwhelmed
And seek an escape from it.

Emotions are contagious –
Whether it is laughter or anger
Or anything in between
It can spread as fast as a virus.

Emotions are non-binary —
That is, not just positive or negative —
But instead, come in various shades of
Dark and light,
Dull and bright.

Emotions span the whole spectrum,
From happy to sad,
Excited to scared,
Amazed to mad,
And an amalgamation of them all,
Unsurprisingly, no one’s spared of ’em all.

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