Everything Revolves Around Money

Everything Revolves Around Money

 Synopsis: Money can be many things – good, bad or evil – depending on how it is utilised. Regardless, money is essential and plays a prime role in every small exchange in our society.


For some, money is power,

For a select few, money is a life saviour;

For others, money is a means to an end;

In reality though,

For everyone in this world,

Money is a necessary evil.


Money is omnipresent —

Regardless of where you go

You will see money

In one form or the other;

Put simply,

There is no escaping it.


Money is an important tool,

Closely tied to many different elements;

Money enables the functioning of trades and businesses,

And directs the fortunes of the economy.


Money is a peculiar entity in itself

That precipitates some strange situations:

Money makes life simple

By reducing the complexities of life;

Money makes showering pearls of happiness possible,

Sometimes, through actual sprinkling of pearls;

Money lets you enjoy the full spectrum of joy

Without giving you any hint of gloom;

Money affords you to love and be loved,

Regardless of your looks or character;

Money gifts you the attention of others

Without doing anything extraordinary;

Money allows you a special treatment and to be looked after

Notwithstanding how you treat others;

Money enables you to dress to the tee

Without even having a good dressing sense;


Money provides you with whatever you want, whenever you want it

Often without requesting it;

Money makes you feel on top of the world,

Even if you are a shallow human;

Money enhances your life on the whole,

All the while lessening your overall pain;

Money, in many ways, is the be all and end all.


Money, despite its many comforts,

Comes with its share of downsides:

Money rocks some of the most resilient boats

And put pays to flourishing life;

Money breaks the strongest of bonds

And wreaks the most enduring relationships;

Influx of money in one’s life

Leads to bitter family fractions and mercenarial rows;

Money can decidedly make you ugly from the inside

All the while coating you with a fresh, glowing paint of artifice;

Money makes you vain and haughty

Through gradual conditioning of your innocent mind;

Money makes you do abominable acts

While not letting you realise the enormity of them;

Money makes you forget the importance of priceless things in life

While making you value trivial articles;


Money increases the volume of people around you

While only making you lonelier,

Money provides you access to a whole spectrum of things

Many of which are unrequired;

Money makes you richer

While making your life all the poorer;

Money, quite literally, gives rise to many evil.


A lust for money,

Can wipe out any emotions from you;

A vigorous pursuit of money,

Might kill all your subjective instincts;

The quest to acquire money,

Doesn’t leave you any time for yourself;

Having cash on yourself,

Increases the risk to your life;

Accumulation of wealth,

Makes you worried about your own security,

Ironically while you are trying to make your life risk-free;

Money, undoubtedly increases threat,

And virtually robs you of your own self.



Money is essential to life,

Money is the currency of trade,

The root of human progress,

The source of many a human innovations,

And the motivation for many extraordinary achievements;

Money, simply makes things work.

A handful of money in your pocket,

Gives you boundless joy at the end of the day

Money, in the end, definitely lets you enjoy your life.


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