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Exaltation Of The Glorious Summer

Exaltation Of The Glorious Summer


Synopsis: After the dreary winter ends, comes the magnanimous summer, with the shiny sun and the beautiful, radiant surroundings. Summer also brings with it sweat and instant fatigue which, admittedly, is easily replenished by leisure, cocktails and pastimes. So, for its few demerits and its many merits, here’s an exaltation of the glorious summer.


After a long, hard graft,

It is time for much-needed downtime,

And sip some bitters, lemon, and lime.


With the jolly good bells ready to chime,

It is the occasion to indulge in favorite pastimes,

Watch some TV series at primetime,

And spend plentiful of dimes.


Ahoy! The glorious summertime,

A herald of all things sanguine,

And the maker of all things sublime.

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