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Feelings – The Poem

Feelings – The Poem

There comes a time when you just can’t repress your convictions
And have to let it all pour out
Unmindful of the potential repercussions,
Hoping against all hope,
That, one day, the truth will come to light —
Shaking things to the core —
And the virtuous would be acknowledged,
Giving the society a new lease on life.


When you’re is shining a light on past,
Do you get a spasmodic jerk,
Stirring you out of our soporific unconsciousness,
With imaginary figures screaming loud into your ears,
That, every utopian thing you had imagined,
Was nothing but a magnificent work of fiction,
Specially orchestrated by God,
Unjustly, in the form of a shapely reverie,
To make you known that,
You deserve way better than that.

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