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Instant Love – The Poem

Instant Love – The Poem

When I saw you,
I thought you were a badass girl,
But when I met you,
I sensed a girl with the gentlest of hearts
And kindest of souls
Which really got me in a whirl.

As I got to know you
In the brief time I spent with you
I got to understand the person that is you,
A total cutie
Shy, unassuming, sensitive and down-to-earth
Yet adventurous and fun;
It felt like a love that had just begun.

I can’t put my finger
On what made me adore you
But you had me head over heels in love with you.

I know there is a distinct possibility
That we might never meet again
But I can promise you
I will never stop loving you
Through words and phrases
In poems and stories.

With love,

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