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Personal Quotes By Sam Pritchard

Personal Quotes By Sam Pritchard


N.B.  Sam Pritchard is a character created by Sush Padhye



I am someone to everyone, and everyone to someone. As studious as I am cray, as cheerful as I am sad.”



Take me at face value at your own risk,
As time is dear and the air is brisk,
God is the captain and you’re the rudder,
As I navigate the storms seeking a relationship



Try to win them; if you can’t win them, try to defeat them; if you can’t defeat them, try to confuse them; if you can’t confuse them, try to irritate their tiniest of brain cells to the point of annoyance; you can always irritate them. Corollary: You can always win them..”



I have trouble acknowledging hopelessly banal cliches.
But for the articulation of even the slightest of an avant-garde idea or a thought,
I don’t mind showering half a dozen touches



Apps don’t overcomplicate your life; they deconstruct it and help you appreciate it even more”.”



Stories never die, for they just are never meant to. Somehow, they always end up finding a articulate voice, whether it be on a tiny, crumpled piece of paper or on a quarantined electronic page; something always ends up giving them the divine spark and eventually an existence that they have always merited.”



Be positive no matter what happens… never get too negative
n have some faith on the almighty he aint cruel He is our friend



The chorus might be all too familiar,
Yet, it’s also quite factual,
‘I can’t be you,
You can’t be me’,
Reads the glistening copper plate;
Not all take a shine to it,
But, it is what it is.

Call them pedants, introverts or even uppity,
Through their obsessive compulsiveness, social awkwardness, and their temporal anachronousness,
They maintain their status of the real mccoy’s



if we dont mind it doesnt matter
we keep on thinking abt it hence it takes a big form



No matter how much of a non-believer (or agnostic, as in my case) you are, you have to acknowledge the authority of God when it comes to some surreal things.
You change with times, adapt to circumstances, but you never forget your roots and ideals; you can do this without being conspicuous about it



True story: I have had people in life not too long back who slyly manipulated me at every step of the way and made me feel worthless for the longest time. Of course, that didn’t translate too well to my self-confidence and adversely affected my mental health. I had to dump them out of self-care, which I absolutely did when the time was appropriate. And, je ne regrette rien (to borrow Edith Piaf’s words)! Life’s been splendid ever since, if not all rainbows and sunshine.
Don’t be goody two-shoes, be a badass. You are important! If you have such people in your life, then show them the door. They deserve the dark dungeons, and not the shiny pedestals. Oh, and if you feel like venting, words are your weapon and the stage is all yours



The game is on again, and there are only two positions up for grabs: a pawn and a king. There is no incentive for being a pawn, and the only way to the crown is through perseverance. So,get going, you’ve gotta do it at any cost, because you very well know: the winner takes it all.”



I became a man from a boy, a lover from an infatuator.”



Help others when in dire need. But never allow them to exploit you or walk all over you time and again. Set your limits.”



“When you’re speaking the truth and when you’re right, don’t let the specious statements of innate crooks drown your voice out. Let your voice be heard, let the truth be known to one and all, until the guilty is charged.”



Beware of the scheming, conniving, loutish, and the charlatan kind — simply because they are the worse kind; they will make you press the panic button for no real reason, which will essentially graze off the very polish of your life, turning it into a potential damp squib, while also not enriching their lives any further.”



The best way to deal with full-blown hypocrites is — by being a merchant of sacred truth.”



Nobody can think straight who does not work. Idleness warps the mind.”



Treat humans like humans, and savages like, erm, savages.”



While some people are indeed victims — of incidents or circumstances, some others are only wearing fake cloaks of victimhood, most of the times.”



There is so much love to be had; however, there is one small impediment for love to bloom: people prefer to choose hate and get mad, rather than choose love and get rad. (If only people understood).”



The story of the world apropos of ‘mere mercenaries’ goes like this: Traditionally, ‘mere mercenaries’ have been associated more with showing respect than earning respect of others. Theirs is just a fleeting success story — with even a puny gust of wind wiping off any traces of a cash-brimming success paper. It might be a viable option to use it for once, but hey,doesn’t a paperboat sink when used more than once? What fun is it then being just a papyrus hun?.”



People roiled in venality, generally find pure water quite venomous.”



Articles and novels pacify me,while codes and cramming crucify me.”



The most ludicrous thing about this world is that, the very people who call themselves “sensitive” and “brandish images of God” portraying their godlines –indulge themselves into shady activities and are themselves perpetrators of brutality. Unfortunately, however, God has contrived the world in such a manner that no matter how hard you try to hide the dark truths beneath the umpteen layers of veils, they always unravel themselves in front of God — one way or the other.”


One’s personality should always be like that of a repo man; if one’s ideas,advices,or the services one offered do not lead to good results for others,one should readily accept the blame and rectify the mistakes.That is the only way to growth ! Not many understand that such puny accommodations pave the way for perpetual approbations.


I always keep telling people that being fair-skinned is not that important, but being fair is.


Never underestimate others problem and overestimate your problems.”


There is a time for everything. Everything in your life gets its 15-minutes of fame, after which it suddenly vanishes, only to come back again in an altogether different form. However, most of the times, such ephemeral things don’t alter or modify your life much, and hence shouldn’t be fretted over. However, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t matter to you, they might still hold a place very close to your heart, objectively speaking. So, it is very essential that you tend to those matters at their earliest, but only after having tended the more important matters. Always remember that, even though there comes a full circle to all things in life, the end of one circle heralds the beginning of a new circle of the same entity with a whole new angle to it. So, ignore them(read: those matters) at your own peril, for, there is a fat chance that that place might be sanctum sanctorum, refuging the Holy Grail of knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment. Even the minor things in life carry much weight, and they shouldn’t be taken for granted“.


On being probed on why he does not bask in the limelight and unrestrainedly enjoy his success:

I don’t want any publicity, I don’t like any hype; I am not a misanthrope, I just want this world to thrive.


On being asked why he plans on forgoing the old customs of marrying-and-having-kids to dating-and-seeing-if-it-works out:
Fast times call for a fast life.
The explanation meaning, even though he would want to go the old-fashioned by marrying a girl and having kids with her, he doesn’t that happening with his mega ambitions and his very dynamic and unstable life requiring constant adaptation.


On being goaded on his preferences when it comes to marital relationships:
I prefer dating and then taking it further rather than marrying first and then taking it further.


On being queried about his views on people following the developments in the machine learning industry like crazy and making changes to their strategies exactly in accordance with any recent updates, just to be in the good books of the self-learning algorithms:
It is futile chasing algorithms. How about being proactive and pioneering and letting the algorithms follow you for once.


On being inquired about what is a festival for him:

“The day which brings me the most joy is a festival, regardless of whether it is auspicious or not astrologically.”

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