Personal Quotes By Sam Pritchard

Personal Quotes By Sam Pritchard


N.B.  Sam Pritchard is a character created by Sush Padhye



On being probed on why he does not bask in the limelight and unrestrainedly enjoy his success:

I don’t want any publicity, I don’t like any hype; I am not a misanthrope, I just want this world to thrive.


On being asked why he plans on forgoing the old customs of marrying-and-having-kids to dating-and-seeing-if-it-works out:
Fast times call for a fast life.
The explanation meaning, even though he would want to go the old-fashioned by marrying a girl and having kids with her, he doesn’t that happening with his mega ambitions and his very dynamic and unstable life requiring constant adaptation.


On being goaded on his preferences when it comes to marital relationships:
I prefer dating and then taking it further rather than marrying first and then taking it further.


On being queried about his views on people following the developments in the machine learning industry like crazy and making changes to their strategies exactly in accordance with any recent updates, just to be in the good books of the self-learning algorithms:
It is futile chasing algorithms. How about being proactive and pioneering and letting the algorithms follow you for once.


On being inquired about what is a festival for him:

“The day which brings me the most joy is a festival, regardless of whether it is auspicious or not astrologically.”

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