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Tinder Poems

Tinder Poems

Your face brims with fervent joy
As if you’re thrilled about something exciting,
Only for your black rimmed glasses
To add to the innocent charm
And make you look all the more sweeter.

The dimple on your cheek
Is like the the quintessential icing on the cake
And would have definitely made the day of the person
you’re looking at and taking your picture

I hope this small verse about you
Leaves you with happy and positive thoughts
For you’re deserving of this and so much more


Your locks are goldie
And your smile is whitey
Your visage tells me
That your personality is very brightey.

Your eyes are dark
And noise piecering quite subtle,
Is it just or does that make you look all the more cuter?

I have been brutally honest all along,
but if you feel I’m flattering
I will stop right now
But not without saying
The joy on your face is quite infectious.

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