When All Things Fall Flat

When All Things Fall Flat

Synopsis: Have there ever been times in your life when, no matter how hard you try, things never go right; when, after multiple failures, you start to feel that something’s terribly wrong with your fortune. Yet, with a never-ending hope in your heart, and a steely determination in your mind, you tirelessly carry on – like an incapacitated ant, determined to build his/her mound against all odds.

A long time back,
I lost the back of serendipity;
Ever since then,
My life has only been engulfed in irrevocable pity.
The traces of happier times
Have long disappeared;
And now my life resembles a fine raiment,
However one that has been erroneously sheared.

My inherent qualities may have marginally waned,
But they still are very much there,
Held together
By a strong, sound moral character,
And a steely determination;
Despite the cushion provided by these favourable qualities,
Every single opportunity I lay my eyes on
Tend to go completely awry;
Unintentional slips on my part,
Irreparably upset my carefully conceived applecart;
And sometimes,
Carefully thought-out participation
Lead to awfully bad implications.

I must admit,
I have tried hard,
Real hard,
To rationalize and ascertain
The source of the irrational occurrences
And the reason behind my grave misfortune;
But every time I try to dig deeper into the matter,
I only see myself shatter.
The worries just never seem to lessen,
And the problems only seem to add up.
Everything just goes wrong
In a split of second
Without the slightest of my faults
And I only feel like a sitting duck
Left to the mercy of God.

I will persist,
I will survive to live for another day,
And fight another battle,
However lopsided it may be,
And no matter how many times I get pilloried,
I will work my socks off,
And turn the tables;
And through nothing but my sheer tenacity,
I will eke out a resounding win.

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