Sushlit is a labor of love of Sush(rut) Padhye. Here you will find him sharing the finest of what he thinks is modern literature, on every topic and of every type. This website was borne out of Sush’s need for an online asset of his own where he could share anything and everything within his grasp of understanding and of which he is passionate about.

Sushlit is primarily focused on literature, as it happens to be Sush’s area of avocational concern, including thoughts, poems and stories; but, for the greater good, and to keep things interesting and slightly less formal, it will also subsume some of his passion projects and experiments.

To sum up, Sushlit is:

An idea, thought, story or philosophy treated with utmost respect and diligence yet not always conforming to the orthodox literature definitions.

…or this:

A modern form of literature that elevates literatures to new heights through clever moulding and transformation so as to include the new and upcoming subjects of the 21st century



  • All the personal quotes on this website are said by Sam Pritchard, the character that I created.
  • Unless expressly stated, all the posts on this website are a work of fiction