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Live and Let Live
Live and Let Live

Synopsis:  Time is limited. So, savour all the things in life that you can, while you still can. Live your life the way you always wanted, and also let others live the way they like. Verse: Life is short, And time is fleeting, So, live and let live. Days are hot, And nights are bitter,

When You Have Great People In Your Life

Verse: Life becomes so easier when… You have some great people in my life: Who actually care about you, Who put you before themselves or anyone else; Who are your instant mood enhancers, Who never fail to bring a smile on your face — every single time, Who light up each one of your drab,

Aussie Summertime – The Poem

After a season of long, hard graft, It is time for some downtime And drink some deserved lemon, bitters and lime. With the jolly Xmas bells ready to chime, It is the occassion to indulge in favorite pastimes, Watch Christmas movies at primetime, And earn plentiful of free dimes. Ahoy, the glorious Aussie summertime, A

Loneliness – The Poem

On lonely nights like today, I feel like harking back to yesterday, While jumping forth to morrow. As I long nostalgically for the hallowed past, I regret not having romantic company in the present, All the same imagining a curiously frisky future. The old me was the mellow kind, The current me, reeking with all

Interesting Things About Bangkok

In just the last few hours that I have been in Bangkok, I have come across a lot of oddities that I found (as a person living in Australia). Here is a somewhat humorous (no offense intended) list: 1. Thais will go out of their way to extend their help/hospitality to the tourists, as opposed

I Don’t Want Your Eyes There – A Short Story

I have seen all kinds of weirdos that you can ever find, in Australia, from the bad to the worse; of course, good weirdos are rare to find (and I am yet to meet one). And today I had an experience with literally the king of weirdos. TRUE STORY: I was driving home from the

Contradictions – The Poem

On one hand, I am trying to move ahead in the world, On the other hand, I am emotionally held back by the lack of companionship. On one hand, I am trying to project that I don’t need anyone, On the other hand, I am always searching for that special someone. On one hand, I

Australia’s Weird Political landscape

As I voted in the Australian Federal Election (my first), a few thoughts about some interesting aspects of Australian politics gathered in my mind that I’d always hoped to share. Now, I am by no means a politics fanatic, but I am a follower of Western politics, an enthusiastic one at that (I basically followed

Perfunctory Wisdom – The Poem

The brimful Box was beyond exhaustion, It couldn’t handle constricted spaces anymore, It had interesting things to show, And pent-up ideas to grow. The busied milieu had become such a rut, That it had become impossible for the Box to make the cut; It had been a long time since it had last vented its

What I Value – The Poem

Worthless facts I detest alot, Abitrary numbers I see no sense cramming, Theoretical trash, that is better off thrashed, But, give me a Kafka, Nietzsche or a Nabokov, Appended with logic, brains and a beautiful bow, I promise to devour it like a pirate Hunting for an invaluable treasure-trove.

Turning It Around – The Poem

The searing heat is still on, But the debilitating dust is all but gone; The threat has been reduced to nada, But there still remain small pockets of adversarial armada; The traffic and commotion have altogether vanished And the surroundings now seem more or less polished; Hardships have decreased manifold, And pain is now slowly