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A Chance Encounter

After the fashion show, As I walked past the art installation In my I saw a tall, blonde lady In a neat outfit and picture-perfect hair,

Interesting Things About Bangkok

In just the last few hours that I have been in Bangkok, I have come across a lot of oddities that I found (as a person living in Australia). Here is a somewhat humorous (no offense intended) list: 1. Thais will go out of their way to extend their help/hospitality to the tourists, as opposed

Perfunctory Wisdom – The Poem

The brimful Box was beyond exhaustion, It couldn’t handle constricted spaces anymore, It had interesting things to show, And pent-up ideas to grow. The busied milieu had become such a rut, That it had become impossible for the Box to make the cut; It had been a long time since it had last vented its

Parents – The Poem

Ask yourself a question today, Whatever you do the whole day, Who do you do it for? For that special one? For your posterity? Well, these are obvious choices, Now try looking slightly beneath the surface, Notice anything? If not, Just gaze into the mirror for a second, Look at yourself, All tall and grown