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Hope – The Poem

Hope – The Poem
This era may be perilous
‘Coz of the widespread strife;
The times may be uncertain
‘Coz of the spread of insufferable misery;
Our life may be insecure,
‘Coz of the pervasion of antisocial elements in the society;
Our freedom may be fettered
‘Coz of the law’s bigoted shackles;
Our growth might be hindered
By people’s narrow mindsets;
We might be eternally incarcerated
In our bubble of existence.
But remember, by your side,
There will always be hope;
A hope whose ever-reliable rope can you always hang on to,
A hope to help you break free of the virtual prisons,
A hope to help unshackle all the imaginary boundaries,
A hope to help you tackle any obnoxiousness head-on,
A hope to help you end all misery and bring prosperity,
A hope to help you bring about everlasting peace;
A hope to help you affect positive change,
A hope that one-day things will change for the better,
A hope that someday, you will mould the world exactly the way you dreamed it to be.

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