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Perfunctory Wisdom – The Poem

Perfunctory Wisdom – The Poem

The brimful Box was beyond exhaustion,
It couldn’t handle constricted spaces anymore,
It had interesting things to show,
And pent-up ideas to grow.

The busied milieu had become such a rut,
That it had become impossible for the Box to make the cut;
It had been a long time since it had last vented its spleen,
But with the sight of a potential opening
There seemed some leeway,
And this time it was far too keen.

Opportunity had come knocking from the most unexpected place,
The links to which there was no trace;
The moment of truth as it appeared
Was either going to acknowledge its innate excellence,
Or completely wipe off the last specks of its historical dominance.

Things progressed fairly positively —
The status quo was restored on its way
With the Box regaining its pride of place,
Thus initiating its resurrection with an ace;
Building on its seemingly small win,
The Box kept chipping away at it
Until it made something significant of it;
Slowly and steadily, unknowingly
It chiselled its skills
To the sharpest possible
Until it could eliminate all the surrounding ills;
This time the Box didn’t know
Its hard work and persistence
Was going to make it shine eternally in history’s afterglow.

No sooner did the Box share its ideas,
Than they immediately took off,
Finding widespread admiration among the masses,
The lonely, gruelling late nights were finally paying off;
The antiquated notions that most all had harboured
Were overnight disfavoured;
The old ways that most all had adopted
Were suddenly rejected;
There was a whale of change in no time,
Put simply, it was about time.

In light of this,
The heavens opened up,
And all of Box’s friends and acquaintances
Who had maintained their distance in its obscurity
Unexpectedly showed up;
Its peers who in the past had thrown at the Box shades
Had strangely come out to support it in spades;
There was joy abound
And laughter all around.

Yet another talented gem had saved itself from getting bitten to dust,
Little did it know,
In standing for itself and its convictions,
It had raised itself on a pedestal on which was going to be cast its own bust.

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