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Turning It Around – The Poem

Turning It Around – The Poem

The searing heat is still on,
But the debilitating dust is all but gone;
The threat has been reduced to nada,
But there still remain small pockets of adversarial armada;
The traffic and commotion have altogether vanished
And the surroundings now seem more or less polished;
Hardships have decreased manifold,
And pain is now slowly subsiding below the acceptable threshold;

Disbelief has given way to acceptance,
Resentment to contentment,
And discomfort to relief;
Loneliness, all the while,
Has stoically maintained its place of ambivalence;
The whole milieu has changed
And the circumstances seem weirdly counter-exchanged.

I feel like I have elevated myself from the depths of despair
To the apex of hope
By transforming brutal setbacks into robust plan A’s;
There is absolutely nothing like this feeling,
Of climbing to the surface
From the under the bridge reeling;
The joy is obviously palpable,
And my newfound situation is totally justifiable.

Times seem to have surely changed
And barely in a few month’s time;
I can now feel the wind in my ears,
See the bright shine in the clear skies,
All boding to some amazing times ahead;
Understandably, I am excited,
And keener than ever before
To bathe in the feeling
Of turning humiliation into a would-be victory.

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