An Advertisement Of A Room In The Form Of A Poem - Sushlit

An Advertisement Of A Room In The Form Of A Poem

An Advertisement Of A Room In The Form Of A Poem
My room in Southbank, Victoria

My apartment room in Melbourne

Recently, when it came time to move into a new home and put my previous room on rent lest I lost my bond, I took the opportunity to get my creative juices flowing and wrote a poem doubling up as an ad. Here’s what I wrote:

~ POEM for our Potential Flatmate ~

REDUCED PRICE: Gorgeous Room in Southbank’s Best Kept Secret Deemed ‘Melrose’ in a Dreamy Location

My heart’s breaking as I write this number,
But I will take heart in the fact that goodbyes are not forever.
I am adapting to the changing COVID-19 time
And calling on my room an untimely halftime.
I am leaving behind fond memories
For you to create rich, new tapestries.
This is a magical place
Where I made my dreams happen —
Seriously —
Where I am sure yours can also ripen.

A resort-style suburbia living in the heart of Melbourne CBD,
This is an experience like none other.

Beautiful manicured garden amidst a cute little townhouse square reeking with charm,
The surrounds will take your breath away the moment you enter,
Belying the modesty of this humble complex.
Atop the building, in the most vibrant quarter,
Lies our charming abode of plentiful character.

With a walking and talking collection of memorabilia
Sprinkled throughout the apartment —
Signifying Lavisha’s roots and her many travels —
Juxtaposed among contemporary furniture
And topped with some traditional artifacts,
This place is a destination in itself.

Filled with good vibes only,
Our 3 bedder flat is made up of some very friendly and caring humans
By the name of Lavisha and Ayush;
They are always up for a hearty chat and a mighty bev,
And if you need any help – they’ll give you a hand;
Oh, and can I put into words the scrumptious curries they make?
Well, that’d be a travesty difficult for me to shake.

The room is cosy,
And an absolute doozy;
Furnished with a queen bed, mattress and a duvet,
It has a brand new carpet —
Sorry, pets —
And a side table alongside hangers and a storage shelf;
There is a heater and a fan for when you’re feeling snoozy,
And a TV nook for times super lazy.

The apartment has everything you are looking after,
You say it,
And you’ll find it –
Great sized living room, a balcony overlooking a lovely garden and stunning city views,
Fridge, washing machine, dryer and a secured car space,
New chain pull Holland blinds – cool,
Comfy couches to put your legs up after a long day at work,
Fully equipped kitchen to cook up your gourmet meals,
A central bathroom with a European laundry,
A garden, pool, gym and tennis court —
For when we all become free birds post COVID-19 —
And to top it all,
Tram at doorstep and a 6 min walk to Finders Street Station – drool.

If you are looking for a deal,
With a verified seal,
At a REDUCED PRICE OF $239/week,
Even excluding bills,
Might I say this treasured room is a steal.

Be it Facetime, Zoom or Google Meet,
Or for that matter even in person,
We are always happy to show you around and greet;
All of us work 9-5,
But we will make an exception —
Of course, within reason —
And be glad to assist you with your inspection.

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