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Life Breaks All – The Poem

Life Breaks All – The Poem


Life breaks all - The Poem


Synopsis: Life is cruel. It breaks humans time and again, in the most merciless of ways. This verse is an acknowledgement of the said fact, and that no one is immune to the ways of life. It also encourages everyone to take care of their life, because it’s the only one we have all got.


You think that you are strong,
But please don’t kid yourself,
You are not a superman,
Life breaks all.

You think that you can do everything and then some,
But fool yourself at your own peril,
You are not all-conquering,
Life indeed breaks all.

You feel that you can live without showing any emotion,
But hey, last I checked, you weren’t a robot,
You are a living human with feelings,
Life surely breaks all.

You feel that you can survive without any support,
I get it, you want to be a standalone pillar,
But every pillar needs a solid foundation,
Life tends to break all.

You think that you are a strong independent person
And you can withstand any adversity on your own,
But come on, aren’t you looking for a shoulder to cry on sometimes?
Life does breaks all.

You love the high of a win, don’t you?
And you are willing to go to the extremities to make it happen,
That’s all well and good,
But have you asked your body what it wants,
It’s most likely the exact opposite: rest
Life can break all.

You think you have done it many times in the past
And you can achieve anything that you set your mind to
But can I please ask you, at what cost?
Like all things, a human body depreciates
And unlike most things, you can’t return it to its previous state.
Life breaks humans in the most ruthless of fashions.

So, don’t take a chance,
It’s the only one you have got.

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