Dichotomy With A Commonality - The Poem - Sushlit

Dichotomy With A Commonality – The Poem

Dichotomy With A Commonality – The Poem


Synopsis: Sometimes, you can be an antithesis of someone and yet share the exact circumstance with that someone.


The brimful tainted box was beyond exhaustion,

It couldn’t handle constricted spaces anymore,

It had some specious things to show up,

And pent up ideas to glow up.


On the other hand,

The busied milieu had gotten itself into an unnecessary rut,

And it was highly unlikely it was to going to make the final cut;

Quite a long time had passed since it had last vent its spleen,

And now that there was some leeway,

This time it was far too keen.



Opportunity had come knocking for both from the most of unexpected places –

Wrapped around in causal nonchalance;

The moment of truth as it appeared,

Was either going to augment its past competence,

Or completely wipe off even the last specks of its glorious past;

Gladly, it all proceeded positively,

Everything was refurbished on its way,

And there some additional embellishments to help the matters sway.

The heavens opened up,

There was laughter and mirth all round,

The duo had saved itself from getting bitten to dust,

And there they were,

On a pedestal,

Like never before.


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