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Moving On – The Poem

Moving On – The Poem Moving On – The Poem


Moving on frees up your mind,
Declutters your thoughts,
And gives you peace of mind.

Moving on unburdens your brain
Leaving your past behind
Enabling you to stride forward happily.

Moving on unshackles you
Giving you wings of freedom
To soar higher forevermore.

Moving on spreads positivity
Through your body and mind
While simultaneously sowing seeds of regret in the minds of your adversaries.

Moving on convinces you
That you can’t change your past,
But you can still shape your future.

Moving on allows you to get over your losses sooner
While infusing you with new ways
To turn those losses into a profit.

Moving on teaches you vital life lessons
In turn, equipping you with new skills unknowingly
As you learn to fend for yourself.

Moving on leaves you unharmed
Making you wiser through your experience
While also improving your situation in the long term.

Moving on causes temporary discomfort
And makes you struggle hard
But it also sets you on your to path to success sooner.

Moving on empowers you
To power through challenges
And achieve great things in life.

Moving on is not easy
It takes time
And requires quite a bit of work
But the results are worth the pain of moving on.
So, move on,
Even if one step at a time.

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