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Philosophy Quotes

Philosophy Quotes

Insight: When you work hard to become successful yet you don’t want anything to do with the things that come as a byproduct of success.

Quote: “I don’t want any publicity, I don’t like any hype, I am not a misanthrope, I just want this world to thrive.


Insight: Those who only measure success by wins are mistaken. Success comes in many forms. What may be success for you may not be success for someone else and many others. Essentially, success for you should be giving your best shot and delivering your finest performances.

Quote: “Success is not just about winning; success is about giving your all and fighting till the last second and delivering your best performances consistently without letting any disappointments bog you down.


Insight: When you see barriers mounting in front of you for no fault of yours, you never back off and retreat. You keep doing the wonderful work that you have been doing at an even faster pace. On doing so, you will very soon see a bright hope in front of you enabling you to bypass the monolithic barriers.

Quote: “Amid a mountain of troubles, worries and problems; there is always a tiny, little speck of hope that is lurking somewhere. All you have to do is keep up the your good work while picking up your pace. By doing this, you’re more than assured of securing the elusive speck of hope.


Insight: The actions that you take in overcoming and resolving problems at every stage in your life outline your character and your persona. These actions, in turn, make you who you are.

Quote: “Life is like a complex mathematical puzzle. You find problems at every step of the way in life, like you do when progressing through different stages of the puzzle. The way you solve those problems on your way to completing the puzzle really defines you.


Insight: Success is subjective, and quite a relative term. The barometer of success can be different for different people. What might be success for someone, might be abject failure for someone else. Regardless, the fundamental concept of success remains the same, which is giving anything you undertake your best shot, and continue doing it with the same ferocity and intensity without letting the results disheartening you.

Quote: “Success is not just about winning; success is about giving your all and delivering consistent performances without letting disappointments and failure bog you down and preventing you from progressing further.


Insight: The priorities, and the reasons for joy for writers are a lot different than ordinary folks.

Quote: “The most merry things in this world for a novelist are having a tight, iron-clad plot; a seamless, flawless and jaw-dropping storyline; and an unbeatable plot device.


Insight: Go very far, justly, to do what is right and to achieve what you want. But, don’t go so far that you cross over to the wrongful territory, just to achieve something desirable.

Quote: “Resorting to bestiality to best someone is like committing a manslaughter just to prove that you are right.


Insight: Excessive flattery, and buttering up people does help you serve your purpose, for a short while. However, in the long run, it is damaging to your own development.

Quote: “Currying favours and cottoning up to people might be a good and a helpful thing when it comes to your personal gains, relationship building and development. But it doesn’t take you far when it comes to your own personal development.


Insight: The role of God is only to assist you to realise something. Your job is to perform and execute it to perfection. This axiom holds true for believers and non-believers alike.

Quote: “You do everything to accomplish something; God only facilitates to make it happen.

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