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The Moment of Awakening – The Poem

The Moment of Awakening – The Poem

Synopsis: Ever happened to you that while in the middle of some casual work, you felt a strong sense of an emotion or certain something which swayed you into leaving everything behind and doing justice to that emotion and proclivity, whatever the form, at that very instant. Whether you are in affirmation or not, this moment of awakening is what this verse is about.


As opposed to the conventional wisdom,
The moment of awakening,

Does not:
Start with a tingling sensation –
With pins and needles;
It also does not surface from goosebumps.
There is no spasm in the body,
And almost certainly,
There is no thunder preceding the breathtaking moment.

In essence,
It isn’t anything fancy.

While in the middle of something
You are so overwhelmed by emotions,
That you are hit with an idea,
It spurs you on,
You get going,
Enriching the idea as you proceed further,
And you finish it off before you even know —
Whatever majestic that may be.

The irony of it all being,
You never imagined
That you would be able to create it at that instant,
Or that,
You would even be able to conceive anything for that matter,
Forget about finshing it –
After trying for months on end
And accomplishing absolutely nothing.

I say,
That’s where its charms lie,
Making something
When you least expect yourself to.


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