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Turning It Around – The Poem

The searing heat is still on, But the debilitating dust is all but gone; The threat has been reduced to nada, But there still remain small pockets of adversarial armada; The traffic and commotion have altogether vanished And the surroundings now seem more or less polished; Hardships have decreased manifold, And pain is now slowly

Weekend – The Poem

I now realize the importance of a weekend, And can start treating it as a Reverend, Unbeknownst to one and all, The relentless efforts that I put in all the while, Sweating it out, literally, Without batting an eyelid, Succumbing to dark circles for a while, Before giving them the boot, Making every second count,

When Life’s A Bitch – The Poem

Life is a bitch, Karma always precipitates a hitch And could perhaps have you fall into a ditch; It is also not advisable to become a snitch, Whereby even a single glitch Could utterly ruin your sitch And transform you into a overnight witch Instead of your hoped-for magnate, rich; So, no matter how bad

Feelings About Melbourne – The Poem

Consider this not a boast, As it is in no way a toast: When Melbourne has been my host, Practically, every single day has been an incorrigible roast; Taking the form of a crucible of endurance at times, And a game of forbearance during others, It has perpetually been a tribulation of the highest order;

Parents – The Poem

Ask yourself a question today, Whatever you do the whole day, Who do you do it for? For that special one? For your posterity? Well, these are obvious choices, Now try looking slightly beneath the surface, Notice anything? If not, Just gaze into the mirror for a second, Look at yourself, All tall and grown

Life – The Poem

Life is a race, Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, Whatever is the case, Just never slow your pace, For – you will always get a chance to hit an ace. There will be times, When you’ll have to endure a winless streak, But, let it not make you meek, Instead, take this as an

Melbourne – The Poem

From the face of it, Life in Melbourne may seem all rosy, But, to be honest, It’s far from a doozy; You grind out the whole day, Yet, at the end of the day, You still still find yourself in dismay; You try and wrap up all your pending tasks, Yet, eventually, You find yourself

Disengage – The Poem

When people try to intentionally disturb you, Disengage, Nothing undermines the attention-seeking personalities of dolts more than not being paid attention to; When people pass remarks about you, Disengage, It has a curious effect of making them look like a big fool; When people criticize you for no reason, Disengage, Nothing frustrates them more than

The Imperfect Man – The Poem

Call me a loose cannon, But I don’t like to walk on eggshells, Call me reticent, But I express myself in my own way, Call me diligent, But I believe God resides in the minutae; A maverick, I might, or might not be, But I absolutely abhor policing of legal thoughts; Being less than perfect,

Go Fuck Yourself language – A Short Story

She, as a recent emigre, earnestly said “Aussies are quite friendly, without actually meaning it. They always say “Hi, how are you?”. I agreed, replying half-jokingly “Yeah, they pull a sullen face the moment they look away.” She nodded in agreement. I continued with a broad grin “And hence, we should create a new language