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Personal Quotes By Sam Pritchard

  N.B.  Sam Pritchard is a character created by Sush Padhye   “I am someone to everyone, and everyone to someone. As studious as I am cray, as cheerful as I am sad.”   “Take me at face value at your own risk, As time is dear and the air is brisk, God is the

Things Always Go Wrong – The Poem

Synopsis: Things tend to go wrong, no matter how hard you try, per Murphy’s law, and you end up failing for no fault of yours. Verse: You work your butt off Expecting things to fall into place, And yet they go awry. You leave all insignificant things aside And give up any extracurricular activities To

Philosophy Quotes

Insight: When you work hard to become successful yet you don’t want anything to do with the things that come as a byproduct of success. Quote: “I don’t want any publicity, I don’t like any hype, I am not a misanthrope, I just want this world to thrive.”   Insight: Those who only measure success

The Moment of Awakening – The Poem

  Synopsis: Ever happened to you that while in the middle of some casual work, you felt a strong sense of an emotion or certain something which swayed you into leaving everything behind and doing justice to that emotion and proclivity, whatever the form, at that very instant. Whether you are in affirmation or not,

Exaltation Of The Glorious Summer

Synopsis: After the dreary winter ends, comes the magnanimous summer, with the shiny sun and the beautiful, radiant surroundings. Summer also brings with it sweat and instant fatigue which, admittedly, is easily replenished by leisure, cocktails and pastimes. So, for its few demerits and its many merits, here’s an exaltation of the glorious summer. Verse:

Dichotomy With A Commonality – The Poem

  Synopsis: Sometimes, you can be an antithesis of someone and yet share the exact circumstance with that someone. Verse: The brimful tainted box was beyond exhaustion, It couldn’t handle constricted spaces anymore, It had some specious things to show up, And pent up ideas to glow up.   On the other hand, The busied

When All Things Fall Flat – The Poem

Synopsis: Have there ever been times in your life when, no matter how hard you try, things never go right; when, after multiple failures, you start to feel that something’s terribly wrong with your fortune. Yet, with a never-ending hope in your heart, and a steely determination in your mind, you tirelessly carry on –