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Life – The Poem

Life is a race, Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, Whatever is the case, Just never slow your pace, For – you will always get a chance to hit an ace. There will be times, When you’ll have to endure a winless streak, But, let it not make you meek, Instead, take this as an

Melbourne life – The Poem

From the face of it, Life in Melbourne may seem all rosy, But, to be honest, It’s far from a doozy; You grind the whole day, Yet, at the end of the day, You still find yourself in dismay; You try and wrap up all your pending tasks, Yet, eventually, You find yourself increasing your

Hope – The Poem

This era may be perilous ‘Coz of the widespread strife; The times may be uncertain ‘Coz of the spread of insufferable misery; Our life may be insecure, ‘Coz of the pervasion of antisocial elements in the society; Our freedom may be fettered ‘Coz of the law’s bigoted shackles; Our growth might be hindered By people’s

Moving On – The Poem

Moving on frees up your mind, Declutters your thoughts, And gives you peace of mind. Moving on unburdens your brain, Help you leave your past behind, And enables you to stride forward and refind. Moving on unshackles you Giving you wings of freedom To soar higher forevermore. Moving on spreads positivity Through your own body

Disengage – The Poem

When people try to intentionally disturb you, Disengage, Nothing undermines the attention-seeking personalities of dolts more than not being paid attention to; When people pass remarks about you, Disengage, It has the curious effect of making them look like a big fool; When people criticize you for no reason, Disengage, Nothing frustrates them more than

The Imperfect Man – The Poem

Call me a loose cannon, But I don’t like to walk on eggshells, Call me reticent, But I express myself in my own way, Call me diligent, But I believe God resides in the minutae; A maverick, I might, or might not be, But I absolutely abhor policing of legal thoughts; Being less than perfect,

Instant Love – The Poem

When I saw you, I thought you were a badass girl, But when I met you, I sensed a girl with the gentlest of hearts And kindest of souls Which really got me in a whirl. As I got to know you In the brief time I spent with you I got to understand the

2021 – The Poem

Verse: Parted ways with one, Got with everyone. Learnt many workout routines and boxing, Weirdly still had some mental deconditioning. Broke rules a few, Followed COVID rules numerous and simply withdrew. Met influencers some, Influenced myself some. Published my first novella, Didn’t go down as I was told by my fella, Partied and drank like

The Affair – The Poem

  Verse: She said it was intense, I said it was simply happenstance. The affair was short and sweet, After it ended, there was no debrief. There I met her on her casual walkabout eating sushi in her tattered glory I thought it made for a cool story. The attraction was quick And we stuck

Rosebud – The Poem

  Verse: Rosebud holds the key to life, And the lushness of rosebud insinuates the fecundity of love and life. Rosebud protects the giver of lives, And it itself is a part and parcel of many lives, But, without life, it hardly thrives. Rosebud regularly whiffs the odor of Niles, Yet, the only practical organ